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One-Hour Games

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After Pyweek 12, a few contestants fuelled by the drug of Python game coding set about a new challenge, writing a game in one hour, solo.

superjoe and John opened the competition with hour-game and space_bombers:

hour-game, by superjoe

space_bombers, by John

Chard followed up with an addictive little avoid-the-laser game, futility

futility, by Chard

My attempt was a simple destroy-the-planet game.

hourgame, by mauve

camel, made by Cosmologicon in just 30 minutes, was created according to a randomly selected theme:

camel, by Cosmologicon

And that’s all I’ve seen, so far. If anyone would like to participate, simply set your timer for one hour, knock up a game from scratch, in Python, and pop a note with a link to a download in the comments.


Written by mauve

May 3, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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Pyggy Awards, July 2011

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Off the back of Pyweek 12, Greg Ewing has announced the 6th Pyggy awards, to be judged in July 2011.

This time the 2 month long contest is open to any open-source Python game, as Greg explains:

If you’ve had a Python game project on the back burner, you no longer have any excuse for not finishing it off! Get going!

Previously the Pyggy awards were only open to games building upon Pyweek entries or themes.

Written by mauve

May 3, 2011 at 10:26 pm

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