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The Monkey Project is an attempt to throw Python-based Open-source game development into the spotlight. Python has a thriving game development community as evidenced by the large numbers of entries into Pyweek every six months, but few production-quality games have sprung from it. Supposing that perhaps the reason for this is a lack of good resources this site aims to produce regular updates to inspire and unite developers.

Why The Monkey Project?

It just sounded like a cool name. Maybe it channels nostalgic recollections of the Monkey Island games. Maybe it’s just that monkeys have been a staple of computer games for decades.

Why Python?

Because Python is so quick to develop with and has such strong libraries that Python should allow exciting games to be developed faster. Because of the famous legibility of Python code I’d hope this would allow and encourage more community involvement in the development of open-source games. As a handicap, Python is considered slow, but that is a problem that can often be offset through using more sophisticated algorithms which are easiest to prototype in a high-level language like Python (worst-case, bottleneck code could be ported into C extensions and called from Python).


Written by mauve

May 3, 2011 at 10:02 pm

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